Free Blogger Article Poster Addon!

How would you like to shower your website in a ton of backlinks, by typing a few keystrokes and clicking a button and then going to BED?

Scrape, Check, Ping, Post

Blogger Article Poster Addon!!
Free ScrapeJet Addon!

Our Blogger Article Poster Addon is included completely free for owners of ScrapeJet. With this addon you can load account details for all your Blogger blogs, and post articles to them containing spintax to ensure all your blogs receive unique versions of your article. You can also include all the regular Blogger formatting including Bold, Italics, Colored Text, Font Sizes and also images from your PC or linked from other websites.

You can also add custom post tags, and post your articles to specific categories. But best of all, you can include backlinks to your other websites and post hundreds of dofollow links. This addon is ideal for people who own numerous Blogger blogs and wish to post “spintax” articles to all your Blogger Blogs.

P.S. There are also a number of providers on Fiverr who will create the free blogs for you and provide you with the logins, so all you need to do is load them in to the addon and start sending out articles with your in content backlinks! You just need your URL’s and Logins in a regular text file, one entry per line with URL|Username|Password