The Fastest, Simplest way to build Links… EVER!

How would you like to shower your website in a ton of backlinks, by typing a few keystrokes and clicking a button and then going to BED?

Scrape, Check, Ping, Post

ScrapeJet Backlinks Software GUI

The Jet Powered Linking Solution!!
It’s like a Fully Automatic ScrapeBox!

Type your website URL you wish to obtain backlinks for, then type a keyword or two and click a button. It’s THAT simple, while you sleep the Jet will scour the web placing your links on thousands of sites!

Even the absolute beginner with zero knowledge of SEO will be able to start creating thousands of backlinks on auto-pilot within minutes of purchasing and starting ScrapeJet. If you know the URL you want to promote, and the keyword you wish to rank for then you have everything you need to get cracking right away. How easy is it?

The Jet will handle everything, from locating proxies, to fetching relevant keywords, harvesting relevant URL’s for your keywords, to posting your comments, checking your posted links and everything in between! You can be sitting on a beach while the Jet builds your links, and promotes your website.

Selective Link Placement!

Control the Quality of Your Link Targets

Of course ScrapeJet offers granular control over where your links are placed for users who want more, you can specify numerous options and criteria such as minimum PageRank of pages to place your links, the maximum number of outbound links, you can add your own comments with spintax support to post or just let ScrapeJet find comments to post for you, and you can even mix and match anchor texts and names to use when commenting all adjustable for every profile.

Even More Control!

Be Anonymous and Avoid Bad Pages and Domains

With ScrapeJet’s blacklist functionality, you have the control over which domains and pages to leave your link on. You can load a list of “bad words” of your choice and when ScrapeJet encounters pages containing these bad words it will move on ensuring your Website URL is not associated with any bad content. Likewise you can control which domains you don’t wish to leave your link on, this is ideal for adding your competitors so you don’t leave your link on their site alerting them to your promotion activities.

Also ScrapeJet has a simplified connections adjustment, want to build links fast? Slide it up to Max, want to trickle links in to your website at a slower rate? Simply slide it down to Low to scale down your link building, it does not get much simpler than this!

Check Out the Features!

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Includes 2 PC Lifetime Licenses!

ScrapeJet is a one time purchase, it is NOT a membership program or monthly subscription. The purchase price includes 2 PC licenses and entitles you to run 2 copies of the software with one free license transfer per month per copy, any bug fixes and minor upgrades are completely free for owners of ScrapeJet.

ScrapeJet has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 RTM and also Windows Server 2003 and 2008 in both 32/64 Bit and it’s advisable to have a screen resolution larger than 800x600px for optimal interface display.

Windows 7 Compatible